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We Protect You

We protect you, as a consumer. With an extensive history in protecting consumers from aggressive debt collectors, we have a deep understanding of federal and state consumer laws. We have seen the devastating effects of abusive debt collections, and we are able to protect consumers from further emotional and financial damage. We  can stop the harassing behavior of unethical and illegal debt collection.

We know that being in debt feels like a weakness, but from our legal perspective we can shift the balance of power between the consumer and debt collector, quickly changing the focus to resolution. We ensure that our clients no longer suffer the combative behavior of debt collectors. Frequently, we remind our clients that debt is nothing more than business, and all business is subject to negotiation. We can address personal debt problems with an unbiased, legal perspective. We leverage short-term and long-term legal options to relieve our clients of the debts they don’t owe or cannot pay.

LaGuardia Law also represents employees for wage and hour violations, wrongful termination, and workplace harassment. Too many employers ignore the law for their own gain, refusing to pay workers properly for the time they work. Wage and hour laws also dictate the ways in which employees receive sick pay, vacation pay, lunch breaks, and medical leave. We also represent workers who suffer through hostile and unethical working conditions, and those who are wrongfully terminated.

Finally, LaGuardia Law represents clients who have suffered a personal injury. We help our clients recover damages from the responsible party or parties for your pain and suffering, as well as the cost of medical bills and any lost wages as a result of auto accidents, falls, and other unfortunate injuries.

Areas of Practice

At LaGuardia Law we are happy to discuss any legal problem you may be facing but we focus on certain areas of law including:

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