Discrimination and Harassment

Employment Discrimination and Harassment Laws in California

Individuals looking for work and company employees are protected by the California Fair Employment and Housing Act. This law requires that employers do not discriminate against an individual due to any of the following factors: Sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, race, national origin, religious creed, ancestry, medical condition, mental disability, physical disability, genetic information, age, or veteran/military status.

Age Discrimination

Sex Discrimination

Racial Discrimination

Disability Discrimination

Religion Discrimination

Workplace Sexual Harassment Lawyer San Diego

Unwanted Sexual Advances

Inapproriate Touching by Co-Workers

Sexually Hostitle Work Environments

Witness statements and properly documented complaints can be used to build a discrimination case against an employer as well as a harassment case if any type of harassment takes place on the job. A legal suit can prevent future discrimination or harassment against yourself or other, as well as provide compensation such as lost past earnings, lost future earnings, out-of-pocket expenses, emotional stress, attorney fees, punitive damages, and more. LaGuardia Law can also help if a company is retaliating against you for submitting a complaint about discrimination or harassment so that an employer cannot silence you with threats.

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